Girls Who Code
Columbia University Chapter

Message from the president Helen Jin

Welcome to the Girls Who Code club chapter at Columbia University!

Our members are Columbia University students who wholeheartedly embrace our imperative and timely mission - to promote gender and diversity in the tech industry. We accomplish this through weekly coding classes we host on the Columbia campus and through corporate partnerships with our local community. As we recruit students from local high schools, it is our goal to select girls with varied interests and backgrounds. Most of our students come to the program with little or no exposure to computer science, and leave the program excited to take more classes. Many make the decision to pursue an advanced education or career in computer science while under our tutelage. We hope we instill confidence in every girl who leaves our program to make her dream a reality.

Our Sponsors & Finance Committee arranges site visits each semester at various New York City companies. In October 2017, AppNexus hosted us for a site visit where our members and students were able to connect with female engineers there. In February 2018, Microsoft hosted us as well. In November 2018, Etsy wonderfully hosted us and in April 2019, we were able to visit the NYC office of Google as well.

Through our collaboration with the tech community, we hope to educate our students and members about the opportunities for women in tech. If you are affiliated with a local corporation and would like to host our group for a site visit, or would simply like to sponsor us with a donation, please contact All donations are used for transportation scholarships for our students, some of whom travel 3 hours each way by train, and for classroom supplies.

For more information about our mission and our work, please follow us on Facebook at Girls Who Code at Columbia University.

Thank you for stopping by, and hope you enjoy browsing through the rest of our website!

Helen Jin
GWC President 2019-20

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